Plea for advocacy for BEP2 MATIC token holders

I don’t know how many long term Polygon investors and supporters are in this camp, but I’d wager there are quite a few of us still holding on to worthless BEP2 tokens because we no longer have access to Binance due to geo-restrictions and KYC requirements that came about after the last bull run.

I acknowledge that part of this falls on us for not paying close enough attention to what was going on in the bear market, and that this was primarily a Binance decision to stop supporting MATIC on the Beacon Chain, but it would really show good faith to your loyal investors, if you could advocate on our behalf to Binance. We need them to reopen the BEP2 conversion window, temporarily, so that Trust Wallet has enough liquidity to allow swaps on their platform.

I’ve tried reaching out to Binance, but as a former customer with no current access to their platform, I have no voice. Polygon has a voice. If you need evidence, look to Chiliz. Their CEO worked with Binance to reopen the conversion window of BEP2 CHZ to ERC20:

TLDR: Polygon dev team, with the POL upgrade imminent, please ask Binance to reopen the BEP2 conversion window, just as CHZ did in October. Thank you!!