PIP-31: Cancun EIPs

PIP-31: Cancun EIPs

Author: Arpit Temani

Table of Contents:

  • Abstract
  • Motivation
  • Specification
  • Backwards Compatibility


This proposal specifies the activation of Cancun features (introduced by Ethereum - L1) on Polygon PoS network (L2). This will enable a set of functionalities which are scheduled to go live in Q1 '24 on Ethereum.


As bor is a fork of geth, the practice of merging upstream changes gives Polygon the opportunity to enable new features defined in the L1.
With the this PIP, we plan to upgrade our network with a subset of EIPs included in Ethereum.


The Cancun PIP will include the following EIPs:

  1. EIP-1153: Transient Storage Opcodes
  2. EIP-5656: MCOPY - Memory copying instruction
  3. EIP-6780: SELFDESTRUCT only in same transaction

Compared to Ethereum Cancun upgrade, the following EIPs will not be included in Polygon specs:

  1. EIP-4788: Beacon block root in the EVM
  2. EIP-4844: Shard Blob Transactions
  3. EIP-7516: BLOBBASEFEE opcode

The aforementioned EIPs has been specifically excluded because Polygon PoS has no concept of beacon chain and blobs.

Backwards Compatibility

This PIP will not be backward compatible with the current implementation of bor and will therefore require a hard fork.