PIP-27: Precompiled for secp256r1 Curve Support

Hello Polygon community!

This post is about the PIP-27, migrated from the EIP-7212, and proposes adding a new precompiled contract to the EVM that allows signature verifications in the “secp256r1” elliptic curve by given parameters of message hash, r - s components of the signature, and x - y coordinates of the public key.

We believe that its inclusion in the Polygon mainnet is valuable to enhance user and developer experiences by maximizing security for this elliptic curve’s operations. Polygon has one of the most adopted ecosystem of account abstraction and this precompiled contract contributes to this ecosystem in many areas. Also, this EIP’s inclusion to other EVM chains before the L1 is encouraged in an ACDE call.

:purple_circle: Please follow the discussion and details in the EIP forum:


A big fan of adding this precompile to PoS & zkEVM, I would love to hear from the various prover teams to see how this would effect timelines for zkPoS & zkEVM.

Also closely watching the new L2 Devs Group (RollCall) RollCall - Layer 2 protocol & EVM standardization call #0 · Issue #885 · ethereum/pm · GitHub to ensure broader alignment / compatibility with the EVM long term.

This feels like part of a larger discussion on what the Polygon Ecosystem’s approach to EVM+ should be.

Would love to see a governance call or space dedicated to this topic at large.

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Based on the ecosystem discussion at the next RollCall, if the interface is agreed on (verify vs recover) I would support inclusion in the next hardfork after Agra.

From the zkEVM/zkPoS perspective, we already have the ability to easily support arbitrary curves defined over 256-bit fields, so I’d be supportive of its inclusion.

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thanks @bfarmer. if there is ecosystem support we see no major issues adding this on PoS.

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