PFP-3: Initial Set of CTB Members

PFP Title Description Author Discussion Status Type Date
3 Initial Set of CTB members Proposes the initial set of Community Treasury Board members Mateusz Rzeszowski, Justice Conder, Bojana Tomic, Mihailo Bjelic Forum Proposed Community Treasury Board 2024-04-11

PFP-3: Initial Set of CTB Members


This PFP proposes five members to the inaugural Community Treasury Board.


To bootstrap the initial phase of the Community Treasury, a governing body in the form of a Community Treasury Board (See PFP-02) is necessary to administer the operations, strategy, and transparency of the funding mechanism.

A set of five members with diverse backgrounds and skill sets is consequently proposed.


Proposed CTB Members

Taking the above qualifications into account, a set of five initial members is proposed:

David Gogel

dYdX Foundation

David is a key figure in the blockchain and startup space, serving as the VP of Strategy & Operations at the dYdX Foundation since 2021. His crucial role in developing the dYdX Foundation and ecosystem underscores his commitment to decentralization and open access, which aligns with Polygon’s vision. With expertise in go-to-market strategies, partnerships, and ecosystem growth, David is poised to drive sustainable innovation within the Polygon community.

Before joining dYdX, he founded a consultancy advising crypto and fintech startups. He has a solid background in Corporate Development and M&A at major financial and tech companies and has also contributed as a mentor in the Techstars Blockchain Accelerator.

David holds an MBA and BSc from the Wharton School, where he’s recognized as a thought leader, especially in DAOs and DeFi. His role as a Senior Fellow for the Wharton Blockchain & Digital Asset Project and contributions to the World Economic Forum highlight his deep involvement and expertise in blockchain technology, positioning him as a valuable asset to the Polygon Community Treasury Board.

Pete Kim

Creator of Coinbase Wallet

Pete Kim, a trailblazer in the crypto and blockchain sector, has significantly impacted the industry through roles at Coinbase, where he led the integration of web3 and DeFi technologies as Head of Engineering, Wallet, and Engineering Lead for USDC. He founded Cipher Browser, the first full-featured mobile web3 wallet, which Coinbase later acquired. Before this, he co-founded Nitrous.IO, a cloud-based development environment, and held positions at tech giants like Apple and Envoy, showcasing his deep software development expertise.

A passionate advocate for crypto democratization, Pete emphasizes user-friendly web3 experiences, low transaction costs, and high throughput. His advisory contributions to the Polygon Foundation and efforts to introduce USDC to Polygon reflect his dedication to enhancing blockchain’s usability and adoption.

Maggie Love


Maggie is the founder of SheFi, which empowers professional women and non-binary folks to master Web3 in 13 weeks. It’s a cohort-based educational program with live instruction, hands-on tech demos, and peer support, all aimed at accelerating careers in Web3 and AI. SheFi also produces large-scale events called SheFi Summit, offers dedicated career support, and provides education to corporate organizations.

Maggie joined the Web3 space full-time in 2017. Before SheFi, she co-founded W3BCLOUD, a joint venture between ConsenSys and Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD), to build a GPU-based cloud computing platform for blockchain and AI workloads. She also was on the founding team of Cellarius, a science fiction universe on the blockchain. While at ConsenSys, she drove ventures, partnerships, and client engagements.

Before falling down the crypto rabbit hole, Maggie led product strategy for IBM Watson in Financial Services. She graduated with honors from Northwestern University.

Ajit Tripathi

Hadron Founders Club

Ajit has over a decade of experience promoting Ethereum and Polygon technologies across various sectors, from infrastructure and DeFi to CeFi and enterprise adoption. He recently initiated the Hadron Collective to connect top founders within the Polygon ecosystem with capital, talent, and supportive communities.

Ajit’s background includes leading Business Development for Aave and partnering with ConsenSys Financial Services, contributing significantly to Ethereum’s enterprise adoption. He played a pivotal role in Polygon’s strategic development and helped deploy Aave on Polygon, marking a key period of growth for the platform.

His contributions extend to the Aave and Ethereum communities through design grants and thought leadership, blending decentralized infrastructure with traditional finance. Ajit is a recognized speaker, CoinDesk columnist, and podcast host with a vast network in the tech and finance sectors.

Roc Zacharias


Roc Zacharias has been deeply rooted in the digital realm since his early internet programming days and has been a steadfast advocate for Polygon and Ethereum. His journey into digital currencies began in 2001 when he traded assets in EverQuest. A pivotal moment came in 2015 when Roc encountered the Bitcoin whitepaper while preparing for medical school, steering his path toward the blockchain industry, convinced of its world-changing potential.

In 2017, he co-founded Lunar Digital Assets (LDA), focusing on incubation and marketing within the blockchain space. His collaboration with Sandeep at a 2019 hackathon marked the beginning of his concentrated support for Matic. The following year, Roc co-founded QuickSwap, a significant driver for the “Polygon Summer” in 2021 and the largest DEX & community across most Polygon CDK chains.

2023 saw Roc initiating ‘All Roads Lead to Polygon’ Twitter spaces, establishing a vital communication channel for the community. With his history of bringing numerous projects to Polygon through LDA and QuickSwap, Roc now aspires to transition into politics, aiming to spread the principles of decentralization, libertarianism, and self-sovereignty on a broader scale.


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