Peer Connectivity

Hey Validators.

Over the past couple of days we have noticed that some validators have been having some low peer connected to their Sentry nodes and this is causing delays in sync which eventually causes delays or no checkpoint signing which is affecting the validators as well as the delegators.

We have a simple fix for this which should resolve this problem. However, until we were only recommending to folks that were facing this issue. But we think all validators should go ahead and do this so that they don’t face this issue in the future.

For that all you need to do is open the config.toml file on your Sentry node.


And then find the parameter external_address. Once you find it this what you should be updating it with


Where my_elastic_ip is your Sentry’s public IP.

Once you have updated this, all you need to do is restart your Heimdall service on your Sentry

sudo service heimdalld restart

Ensure that you’re only doing this on your sentry only.


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