[PEACH FARMER] Introducing Web3 to online mainstream shows with Peach Stars


The first production studio that includes the community into content creation with a self-financing system. Peach Farmer generates mainstream entertaining and educational TV programs with Peach Stars, validated by their fans through an online card collecting game that allows them to take part in the show.


“Create a humorous and educative media to destroy prejudices and create a healthy bridge between generation of viewers.”

Peach Farmer has created a unique category combining in a single experience an online game show, digital cards collections platform and a crypto contest to use Peach Stars influence and fun to positively impact people’s conduct.

The show is directly impacted by the players using web3 technologies.

:man_farmer: THE PEACH TEAM

Peach Farmer SA is headquartered and incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland.

The company was founded by Philippe Robert (CEO) and Lucie Colin (COO).

Both serial entrepreneurs (Lazr, Ecrin, …) have extensive experience in production and startup management. They are building with:

:world_map: THE PEACH ROAD MAP

:white_check_mark: Dec 2018

  • Peach Farmer SA founded in Geneva

:white_check_mark: 2019

:cry: 2020 - 2021

  • Pandemic break

:white_check_mark: 2022

  • Peach Games #01 (Pilot) shoot in Alicante (Spain)
  • DRENGR joins the company
  • Introduction of NFT collections and crypto payments
  • Season #01 launch (MVP) - Little Caprice Collection (1 Legendary and 30 Royal NFT generated)
  • Peach Games #02 shoot in Lyon (France)
  • Peach Party #01 in Paris (250 invites & 150 influencers present)

:white_check_mark: Q1 2023

  • Season #02 launch (Alpha version) (2 Legendary and 30 Royal NFT generated)
  • Season #03 launch (Alpha version) (2 Legendary and 30 Royal NFT generated)
  • Platform Beta version development


+4700 players
+20K cards sold
0,3€ Leads (X% transformation as players)
+1M views on content

:arrow_right: Q2 2023

  • Season #04 launch (Alpha version)
  • Peach Games #03 shoot in Ibiza (Spain)
  • Transition to Beta Version
  • Introduction of the Peach Coin, achievements, quizzes, games, merch store into the platform
  • TikTok challenges shoot
  • Transition to Polygon
  • Shiny Sponsored Peach Cards NFT (brand sponsored program)

:arrow_right: Q3/Q4 2023

  • Season #05 launch (Beta version)
  • Introduction to web3 community
  • Peach Games #04 shoot in ???
  • Season #06 launch (Beta version)
  • Peach Games #05 shoot in ???
  • Peach Party in ???
  • Governance Program
  • Live Quizz
  • Season #07 launch (Beta version)




The adult industry coming to the blockchain sounds good. But there’re a few red flags I guess. You started this in 2018 & by nature, adult content should get more views, 1M views is very less & also I am not sure if you guys are serious about the product, don’t brute force blockchain figure out the product & hustle guys.