Paying for help 100matic!

send matik (ERC-20) to metamask (Matic)wrong network! i can see tokens in ETHscan, I try to add them in matic network i can see the motek but funds is 0 ! any solutions to get back tokens paying 100 matic if someone can help me

If you see them in your account balance on Etherscan, they’'re in your ethereum wallet. If you’re seeing them in (assumedly) the Matic web wallet, but not in your metamask while connected to Matic mainnet, you may have them as wMATIC (wrapped) which has a different token address and display ticker, or you may have sent them on the plasma bridge which can take up to 7 days to complete. It’s also possible you simply need to confirm the transfer on the Matic network to have them deposited to your wallet