Paraverse - NFT loyalty and experiential marketing solution

Paraverse is a loyalty and experiential NFT marketing solution that enables brands & influencers to connect consumers with both their physical and digital offerings simultaneously. With Paraverse brands can apply intrinsic value to digital assets like loyalty, rewards, discounts, or free products. Our mobile application empowers holders to use their digital assets as transactional power at their favorite brands stores, events, or locations (The “Apple Pay of NFTs”). All of this with no cryptocurrency or fiat being used, no transaction (gas) fees and no buying or selling on the platform.

Our Mission: We believe that it is imperative to onboard the 99% of global users not solely represent the 1% of web 3 users. Real ownership and incentive are the keys. NFTs provide both and we are merely offering the technology for brands to realize the potential. With a familiar loyalty/rewards structure, we have set our target on the general population. Introducing them to the power of web 3 and including them in the Polygon family.

  • Founding team consists of individuals who have sold software to SAP, built a profitable NFT based company from the ground up and worked with Fortune 500 companies in the experiential marketing space managing multi-million dollar projects
  • CTO has over 30 years of experience in IT and software development, with 4 patents for his technology
  • Non-Financial industry partners include; Polygon Studios, Chainstack, Tatum, Blockchain Ads, Dataverse, Hyperglade, Owl Protocol and Sequence Wallet
  • Financial backing: Self funded and initial investment from Karl M. of NFT Genius
  • Expected launch date September 2022
  • Seeking Seed Funding and grants

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For roadmap, team and more information regarding our build please review the linked deck

If anyone has requests for more information please inquire or feel free to reach me at

Thanks Polygon community so glad to be apart of the family!

  • Paraverse Team