Owna.io: Enabling the use of physical assets as a source of value in Web 3

Enabling the use of physical physical asset as collateral for onchain loans

Our Solution: Owna.io

Owna is a P2P lending marketplace allowing physical assets as collateral on ZKevm.

We supports crypto investors in their need for more liquidity by allowing them to leverage physical assets and interact with smart contracts in a peer to peer manner.

We enable the use these assets as a source of value in Web3 by seizing them in our depots, allowing traders to use them as collaterals and stable value for onchain loans.

Owna operates as a trusted player for the blockchain community, by ensuring the, authentication, valuation, ownership and safety of the assets.

Main use cases (actual real use cases):

  • James wants to use the value of his 80K collection of sneakers to buy the bitcoin dip without having to sell them.
  • Adrien wants to pawn his collection car to speculate.
  • Lauren wants to use her 90K ring to borrow 40K and furnish her brand new apartment to put it on airbnb. (furniture bought through a Cefi card- ex Binance)
  • Lou wants to pawn a Van cleef and a cartier watch to get its value managed by her wealth manager.

What we want to solve

  • Currently, crypto users can only use tokens, coins and NFTs as collateral for onchain loans. The issue is that digital assets can lose up to 90% of their value and get most borrowers liquidated. In 2022, 50% of the borrowers got out of their loans in deficit and 25% of the borrowers got liquidated. To solve that, crypto users must be able to benefit from physical goods as collateral that have a stable and/or deflationary value.

  • The usury rates for traditional pawnshops is still a massive issue in Europe and the US. Owna, with the help of its community and liquidity pool, will allow anyone to benefit from a significantly superior user experience and value proposition compared to the traditional market.

  • Most Defi users don’t understand what they stake their money against. Today we are allowing all Defi lenders to lend at a 10% rate against a real asset that can get sell to reimburse the loan.

Scalability and GTM:
Phase 1| Testing the full supplychain: B2C approach with one depot in Paris France and one in NYC (late 23)
Phase 2| Partnerships: B2B approach with a large network of various internal auctions houses
Phase 3| Distribute our platform as a SAAS for pawnshops and luxury company across the world to prove a new revenue stream and help them improve their user experience.

Presentation of the team and ecosystem

  • Samuel Nora (Product and business): https://www.linkedin.com/in/samuelnora/
    1 exit: Edgebase (as CEO) sold to EY- FABERNOVEL GROUP
  • Roch Delsalle (Tech): https://www.linkedin.com/in/rochdelsalle/
    1 exit: Proprioo (as CTO) sold to Multiple investors and funds
    12 Freelancers: 8 freelancers from one US agency helped us on developing the smart contracts faster & safer and 4 (Front-end, back-end, animations and design) help us on various and continuous missions.

Our roadmap:

  • June - Sept | MVP Beta testing in Paris ( objective 100-200 assets)
  • Sept - Oct | Fund raising: strong focus on Business angel | Deployment of our liquidity pool and marketing activities
  • Oct - Dec | launch of Partner program and referral program
  • ONA token for liquidity pool governance (to speculate on the resell date of a defaulted item ( ex a rolex that can take up 20% in 6 months)

What we are expecting from polygon village:

  • We would like to become a major actor in the RWA in the Defi ecosystem and would greatly appreciate your support to get Owna a better exposure. And especially to Business angels ecosystems that would be interested in helping us in our international deployment.

If you are in Paris and willing to estimate your assets come and take an appointment on Owna.io
Follow us on linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ownafinance/