Ovation - The NFT Social Platform

Ovation is the first NFT Social Platform being built on Lens.

NFT enthusiasts will use Ovation for all their daily NFT needs. Whether that is posting and interacting on the timeline, chatting in private community chats, viewing analytics or exchanging NFTs on a marketplace, Ovation will be the one stop platform for all these things. Below are some of the features of the platform:

Personalized Portfolio:

-View the analytics attached to a portfolio.
-Portfolio value/statistics
-Badges earned as portfolio grows
-Organize your portfolio and earn from you work.​

Intelligent Profile:

  • Profiles that extend beyond words in bio. Enabling users to effectively display communities they’re apart of, contributions, and notoriety.

Social Platform:

  • Share and post NFTs directly to the timeline. Post and comment rewards foster quality content.

Ovation Hub:

  • Chat with fellow NFT collection holders in private groups.

NFT exchange:

  • Ovation will have an exchange with a goal of making the transactions more personable.


  • Earn $OVA from using the Ovation platform.

Currently, NFT enthusiasts use multiple platforms daily. They use Twitter to interact and socialize. They use Discord to talk in private communities and project chats. Lastly, they use OpenSea to buy and sell NFTs. Aside from these 3 platforms, some people use even more on a daily basis! However, Ovation will have features from all these platforms to be the one stop platform for all things NFTs.

Ovation was founded by Jack Bliss and Grant Weaver. Jack and Grant have experience in Cybersecurity and Finance respectfully and have been in the crypto industry since 2016. As of April 2023, Cory Via represents Ovation as the CTO and Manav Porwal as the CMO of Ovation. In addition to the core team, Ovation has multiple community managers.

Ovation is targeting an Alpha launch in Q4 2023.

Keep in touch with us via the links below!

Website: Click Here
Twitter: Click Here
Discord: Click Here
OpenSea: Click Here

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