Original Matic Wallet will not load - Android

Hello All, Long story short; just got divorced, Ex Wife Deactivated my Cell phone with the network provider. I was able to access my Matic Wallet with WiFi access for a few days. All of a sudden yesterday when I went to open the app i just get a spinning wheel. I have tried the Hard Reboot, Letting power drain completely down, no success. I have the Seed codes from the Wallet but I cannot get them to load into a Metamask Wallet. is the app on the phone in any way connected to phone service or having an active SIM card?

UPDATE: Was able to have the Phone # and original SIM card Re-Activated. I was able to get into the app one time. verified that it was the correct ETH Address for the Wallet. But there still was no Account balances. Also I had to close out and tried to get back in, back to the spinning wheel.