Opinion: Polygon needs to integrate/use Matic as much a physically possible for success of the company

Hello, as a longtime bullish Matic whale and polygon network market maker, I regularly converse with many Matic investors/whales and lately have been hearing the same concern from nearly all of them; Will the Matic token continue to be at the forefront of Polygon technology and integrated thoroughly throughout all future Polygon technologies?

With the Zkevm seemingly being completely focused around eth (I know it’s required as gas for security purposes) it seems Matic is rarely mentioned from Polygon and almost feels as though it is trying to create some distance in certain areas of the company from the token. I know the new 2.0 Tokenomic roadmaps is yet to be released so this is purely speculative and I personally have extreme faith in the team behind Polygon to get this right.

That said, In my personal opinion as an investor and consultant; ANY technology that Polygon puts out that utilizes a token besides Matic for any function without providing Matic holders with some other form of ownership would be a middle finger to the original investors that made Polygon labs what it is today and an unfixable blow to the trust of the company.

Remember, Polygon started as “The Matic Network”. The token received billions in independent investments directly through the Matic token that allowed Polygon to have the financial success to create the most groundbreaking blockchain innovation around today. Most of these investors still hold Matic (like myself) and would hate to see a blockchain company using their token investments as the startup to work on completely separate technologies that have no benefit to the original investors.

Like I said I have faith in the Polygon team and have refrained from mentioning this before because I feel it is kind of common knowledge that goes without saying. However, with 90% of the Matic holders I speak to having this on the forefront of their mind regarding Polygon, though it should probably say something about this publicly before the new tokenomics are released.



I guess, the team is also coming up with the tokenomics in the upcoming days. Be patient


Yes, the new Tokenomics is coming out on the 10th and Im super bullish.
As I said previously, I trust the team behind will make the right call and are well aware of the consequences of a soft rug on early investors.

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Great point, thanks for bringing this up

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Thanks for sharing and agreed - Looking forward to see the new tokenomics.

extremely relevant, suddenly what will be the exact role of pol and matic in the future … in view that the gas costs on zkevm will remain in eth, the pol token will remain for the government