Opensea "Buy Now" & "Accept Offer" Issues

I have been facing these issues freuently these days. I tried lots of solutions that on web. But they are not helped me to solve my issue.

The issues are happening when I am trying to use buy now button and trying to accept offers. “There was a problem processing your request” this warning appears everytime. Sometimes I can buy but sometimes I can not. But everytime this warning appears.

When trying to accept offers, same problem occurs too.

However I can make offer for every NFT’s without facing any issues and warning.

I am really missing the success screen page that appearing after buying and selling activities…

Help me please if you know the solution. I could not find link of the live support that is why I am writing there.


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Could you just tell me that why should people like me have to trust that?? Because they want my wallets secret recovery phrase in order to solve that issue. When you are registering a new account on metamask you can easily notice that “DO NOT SHARE YOUR secret recovery phrase TO ANY ONE”

In summary, I think it might be a cheating or phishing tactic…

If not, MATIC should find an another solution for issues like that…