Open letter to the projects of the Polygon ecosystem

Dear Participants in the Polygon ecosystem,

The Polygon Ecosystem DAO during its Season 0 is continuing its growth made up of small but solid steps in order to be able to share governance with all those who want to be part of it.

The Polygon Ecosystem DAO wants to be the home of all those who believe in an open, decentralized ecosystem based on the work and passion of its participants.

Season 0 has this name to underline how the work to be done is hard and very complex from the point of view of organization and operations: to outline the best forms of governance, to create teams that know how to operate at their best in this space, to attract projects, talents and enthusiasts, building on the basis of a dream.

During this phase, the Polygon Team is providing all possible support to the DAO so that the first operational and project growth support initiatives are successful.

The Polygon Ecosystem DAO invites all projects - DeFi, NFT, Tools, DAOs …, to become part of this new experience, in order to support the growth of the ecosystem through various forms of support:

  • Financial support, through joint grants or for LM operations.
    Designing a sustainable yet attractive incentive campaign that attracts builders and users alike.
  • Support for growth, through the sharing of best yield management, DeFi governance, innovative projects and cross composability ;
  • Support for inclusion, through visibility and joint more effective marketing operations.

The projects that choose to join the DAO will be able to participate in its governance, take part in Business Development and / or DAO2DAO partnership operations as well as being able to take advantage of the Dapp care package under development that can support their own operations.

We already have a few signed up participants of the DAO Council like QuickSwap, AAVEGotchi and QiDAO. Since we are just getting started - the more diverse, the more merrier.

The DAO is also open to any form of discussion and dialogue in order to help the growth of partners and the ecosystem itself.

We await your answers!


Hello, is there any steps that I must follow to submit for a grant or maybe a special form? thanks a lot!


Hey, of course, you can submit it form here:


Thank you for posting this. Tidal Finance would like to take any action that supports the polygon ecosystme growth. We are a polygon native insurance protocol that offer other project team and their end user coverage. :grinning:



We, at Jarvis Network will be more than happy to participate!


Great to hear! The DAO is ready to work with you!


This is awesome and glad to hear. Let’s do the remarkable together.

3 Likes is proud to be an official smart contract auditor for the Polygon Ecosystem DAO.

Our team is committed to helping secure the Polygon Ecosystem DAO as well as all the outstanding projects who are looking to build on this rapidly growing network.

Select Polygon Ecosystem DAO projects will qualify for:

  1. Fast tracking/priority for scopes AND audits
  2. 15% discount on all security work

Omniscia has audited 100+ high profile clients, many of which have built complex decentralized applications on the polygon network so you are in VERY good hands !

Twitter: @Omniscia_sec
Email: [email protected]

///////////////////////////////////////// More Info About Omniscia /////////////////////////////////////////

Existing clients:

OlympusDAO,, Alliance Block, Boson Protocol, Rari Capital, Aavegotchi, GlobeDX, ChainGuardians, Tryhards, Kanpeki, Atari, Sovryn, xFai, Unifty, Polkadex, Dafi, Stakewise, NFTFY, Fractal, Moss, iron, Human, CryptoNight, bWare, CrossPool, Nevermined, LOC Game, NFT factory, SoMee, Cursive, glimpse, Platypus, polkaparty, teneo, project x, Haxol, Kaishi, Prism, Emergent, Deflect, Polytrade, wNDAU, Spool, ImpactMarket, BiopSet, AmpleSeed, Wallfair, Trustworks, bamboo finance, Marble, Cirus, Zap, KSM, Vent, Sheesha finance, Hedera, Transient, InstantBurn, Xend, Loto, Teneo, EmpireDEX, Faculty group and many more.

Sample reports:

Process we follow:

  1. Client shares repository
  2. Omniscia scopes engagement (price + timelines)
  3. Client executes SOW and makes payment
  4. Omniscia kicks off audit
  5. Omniscia delivers preliminary audit reports
  6. Client remediates the issues that have been identified in the preliminary report
  7. Client provides Omniscia with the revised commit hash
  8. Omniscia checks all remediations and produces the final report

This is an amazing place to build the future!


Hi - Inverse Finance has Polygon on its 2022 roadmap and we’d like to participate.


Armors security agency is honored to be Polygon’s audit partner and can provide professional security services for Polygon’s ecological construction. For the project participating in the Polygon Ecological DAO, Armors will provide a 15% discount on audit fees for participating projects, enjoy certain priority audit rights, and synchronize audited project information on Armors’ official website, Github and Twitter.

Armors security agency was established in 2017 ,and is one of the earliest professional blockchain security agencies in the industry. Armors is a public chain audit partner of Polygon, BSC, Ethereum, Solana, etc., and has provided security audits, penetration testing, cross-chain migration, platform security, etc. for more than 2000 blockchain platforms, exchanges, wallets, DApps and other institutions and projects All aspects of protection and services. Since its establishment, Armors has recovered more than 32,000 BTC asset losses for customers.

Armors looks forward to and wishes the Polygon ecological DAO event a success!

Telegram: @vivi080808


Glad to hear. We look forward to working together.