One Mobile Wallet to rule them all

Hi all, I’m starting a new topic even if still related to simplify onboarding process but more specific.

To scale the adoption a mobile wallet is a must.

Actual market see a Metamask dominance on both desktop and mobile in both case with a terrible UI and UX. Not accessible to the newbies and confusing even for experts. While on desktop the impact is softened by the fact that user could use browser plugins and not interacting so much with a bad UI (UX still bad), on mobile we could see some examples that having a decent, not pretty or even good UI, is making the difference. Coin98 looks good but lacks on simplicity, it’s still hard and pro users oriented. So far from perfect but it’s gaining a lot of users just being nicer and aggregated more than other solutions on the market.

You know where I’m going.
We need an iOS/Android official Polygon wallet.

Here is my vision, I know it’s a lot of stuff and some complicated to build but in this space the battle will begin shortly so it’s time to start think about it and think BIG because competition will be harsh and we have seen that nothing in this space is impossible.

-The wallet should be built on top of Polygon blockchain BUT, and here I may surprise you, I think it should be able to support all EVM compatible chains (exactly like metamask) with an integrated bridge where fees should be payed in $matic no matter what’s the direction.

-User should be capable of create a new or import his wallet from metamask.

-User prompts for swaps or any other transaction should show just the total token and the equivalent in $,€,whatever fiat, gas fee only in an optional advanced mode.

-On ramp should be 0 fees for $matic token while off ramp could be done from any main chain token + stable coins, better if really decentralized like $mim or $ust.

-Polygon dao section accessible straight from the wallet, with vote and vote proposal integrated.

-The wallet should have a browser integration to be able to interact with defi protocols,nft marketplace and so on.

-A discover section should be curated with highlights of new defi opportunities, new protocols launch, games events, nfts launch. Who gets the spotlights of this section could be voted weekly through dao (engagement)

-The wallet should have a dedicated NFT section.

-The wallet should be able to access gpu compute power of the device to be ready for gaming contents

And there’s a lot more that i’m thinking about but let’s first start the discussion.

We need you, developers and UI designers, to post your thoughts about this!


Yes, I welcome this, and I’m sure others as well. Let’s hope it gets some traction. Thank you @ThePeacemaker82


100% this.
I am teaching complete beginners how to access DeFi via Polygon. Part of the course is teaching the quirks and bugs that Metamask has. Even though there are many problems Metamask is STILL the best option on mobile. I believe that desktop DeFi can ALL be done via linking a phone via WalletConnect. Getting noobs to learn this stuff via a laptop/desktop is a recipe for disaster. Desktop has massive security issues that are mostly solved via WalletConnect linking.

Until there is a hardware wallet that connects to a phone via bluetooth AND works with a full-featured mobile wallet like Metamask, I would not recommend new people who are using DeFi to use a hardware wallet.

I don’t think that building a brand new wallet is really necessary since we already have Metamask Mobile plus ALL of the integrations that are created for it.

What does Metamask have going for it?

  • Multi-tab browsing
  • Add your own network/RPC url
  • WalletConnect
  • Add contract addresses
  • Recently it shows the balance of tokens in your Wallet

Is it possible to sponsor the development of Metamask Mobile to accelerate the fixes that it desperately needs?

  • Doesn’t autodetect the most common contracts for tokens in the wallet (USDC, WBTC, ETH etc)
  • Doesn’t open links properly. For example you can open but doesn’t open unless you switch back and forward between Metamask and another app.
  • Non-existent backup methods. Surely Metamask can export an encrypted backup file with Veracrypt like security?
  • Can’t view a TX on Polygonscan when you click the little receipt popup just after you execute a tx
  • Tx history is not as useful as on Ethereum. For instance, doesn’t show that I sent or received USDC
  • No backup of RPCs, Contract addresses. If you delete and reinstall Metamask you loose everything. No reason this cant be persisted since it isn’t privileged

Thank you for your suggestions and comments. Noted and appreciated. Aligning to fix these issues brings greater adoption.

The problem contains the solution and the solution embraces the problem.


This is the list of wallets supporting Polygon PoS Network

Orange wallet is an under-appreciated wallet for Polygon PoS

Also, we have one of the most slickest wallet for onboarding non-crypto users to Ethereum and Polygon. It’s called Sequence wallet by Horizon Games team.

Demo link: Screencastify ; Screencastify


This is a great idea, actually I had already think about this type of application.

I’m agree with all point you mentioned except the browser integration part. In my point of view, we don’t need to integrate the browser directly on the app. We need to integrate blockchain communication (EVM compatible of course) on each mobile browser. If you are on a page with smart contract interaction on safari, you should directly click on the button and thanks to your app (with a proper configuration carried out upstream) confirm via a popup your transaction.

Unfortunately I am not a mobile developer so I can’t evaluate the feasibility. Hope some people could tell me about it!


Great idea, like anything the 1st (in this case metamask) established item in any given field get a massive head start & uptake. I couldnt agree more about the metamask UI. Its horrendous I’m my personal opinion. I know for a fact the build of a 1st class app with ease of use & highest security possible could be built by professional app developer’s. Then their creation thoroughly audited by one of the many fine security companies, would be pretty easy to implement. A dark interface with bright neon colours derived from the Polygon deep purples & it’s a winner already. Just an old man’s opinion to make one of the most professional & best ecosystems of the young but rapidly growing crypto Prince soon to be King. An even better platform. In fact with the right wallet I’ve no doubt the Prince would be king sooner than we all could have wished for.