On delays experienced with deposits and withdrawals on the Polygon PoS Bridge

Dear All,

Polygon PoS chain is working fine

We are experiencing an issue with the state-sync mechanism of the Polygon PoS chain bridges.

  • The withdrawals and deposits from Ethereum to Polygon PoS via the PoS bridge are delayed.

  • All funds are safe and will be reflected once the relay mechanism is back to normal.

  • Early investigation points to the Heimdall companion chain processing transactions at a lower throughput to the main Bor chain.

  • This has created a large queue in relaying state-sync transactions from Ethereum over to the Bor chain and the checkpoint transactions from Polygon PoS to Ethereum, impacting deposits and withdrawals.

  • Fast withdrawal and deposit bridges such as Connext, Celer, Multichain to and from Polygon PoS and mainnet Ethereum are available as an alternative.

  • In the meantime, deposits and withdrawals to and from the Polygon PoS and mainnet Ethereum on the exchanges are operating as normal.

  • We expect the issue to be resolved within 24 hours. Until then the deposits and withdrawals on the Polygon wallet UI will be paused.

The team is working on a fix and plans to share more soon.

Thank you for your understanding,

The Polygon team