Old iOS App- Matic Wallet


So, I downloaded the Matic Wallet app on my iPhone in April 2019. I completely forgot about it until last week. I still have my PIN as well as my 12 word recovery phrase. I was never given a wallet address but I’m sure that there was one, however I cannot log into the app. Originally, when I tried logging on, it asked for the PIN and recovery phrase, which I entered. Then it just basically stopped working and wouldn’t log me in. Is there a way to identify the wallet address at this point or recover the tokens I had on the app?

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Thank you- how do I do that? @shubhangi

You Can try connecting your wallet to a dapp (I’ld recommend Wallet connect )
then import wallet with your key phrase , you should be able to recover your tokens.

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Do you mind providing some more detailed instructions on how to do this? I created a WalletConnect account. Not really sure what to do from here. Thank you! @Luigi

You aren’t meant to create , you are meant to connect your existing wallet through it.

I tried using Bridge Wallet within WalletConnect, entered my 12 word recovery phrase, but then nothing happened.