No record of recieving it on Polygon explorer ! , yet WETH lost , by Unknown contract approval , after transferring it from BSC to Polygon , using rubic bridge!

Can someone please help me with this !

I transferred my eth from BSC to polygon net using rubic exchange cross Chain bridge .

They only reported it successful with this :

However I couldn’t find any Record on polygon associated with my address , that actually shows recieving the weth , from neither Rubic , nor their Evo provider !!

Although my metmask wallet balance showed it as weth on Matic net , but I couldn’t use any of it ! Or send it to another address , Kept giving insufficient funds error In metamask … , And even Matic web wallet giving errors like :

Non-200 status code: '403 [“message”:“Forbidden”}
Wrong response id “2092805242” (expected: “22”) in{"jsonrpc

I opened a support ticket with rubic , but they are yet to respond !

Sometime later , an address interacting with this unknown contract , seems to have withdrawn it all from my wallet ! , Here is the TXid please :

Can you please help me retrieve it from this contract and its reciever !?
Or if the problem was originally with Rubic’s exchange !!???

Much appreciated please :pray:t3:

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Hi @ato Thanks for reaching to polygon Forums. Customer service may take some time to respond due to a large number of requests. We believe your case will be resolved as soon as possible. Kindly visit the polygon support live chat website

Another scammer , and fake websites , here in the Matic forums too !!!

Can someone please Help me with this ! …

Is there a way I can reach Matic support directly ??? …

This seems to be a serious consistency issue !

The level of attention here in the Matic support , is appalling ! , Really disappointing !!

I got the same problem. I transfered from BSD to polygon network but didnt get the money


Hi @chusfx well yes it happens all the time I will suggest you contact matic support, a representative from Matic will further escalate this issue via the live chat support. Just contact matic support right now by clicking on the link or following the example below by using your browser to engage in a live chat conversation with developers from matic to help sort your issue out right away.

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