NFTScan, the world's largest NFT data infrastructure

Hi Polygon Community,

On behalf of NFTScan, I would like to introduce NFTScan progress on Polygon so far and invite ecosystem builders to join hands with NFTScan.

NFTScan is an industry-leading NFT explorer and NFT data platform. Currently, it supports the full amount of NFT data for 14 blockchain networks. NFTScan API documentation has more than 40 APIs that would satisfy almost all development needs.

To date, here is a breakdown of Polygon-related progress:

For now, there are 436M NFT assets and over 1.2M NFT contracts on Polygon, with over 65M wallet addresses traded for more than 944M MATIC. We firmly believe the NFT market and projects on Polygon will prosper and grow further. Our vision is to become one of the most influential blockchain infrastructure, providing developers with secure and stable data services and users with concise and efficient retrieval services.

NFTScan will continue to be the building blocks in supporting the projects in need of NFT data with highest data quality and great customer services.

We invite projects in need of NFT data to register for the NFTScan developer platform and get a free 10,000,000 Compute Unit to satisfy your NFT data demands.


Rose, BD Head of NFTScan

Contact me for partnership proposals and customized NFT API services.

Telegram:Telegram: Contact @rose_nftscan


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