NFT San Francisco Conference x Polygon


My name is Lillian Orlick and I currently serve as the Deputy Director of Creative Affairs for the NFT San Francisco Conference. A group of local organizers have kickstarted planning to facilitate the first-ever NFT San Francisco Conference on October 30-31st. Some of the speakers at this conference include executives and founders of Makersplace, Rarible, and Gala Games. We anticipate in having at least 3000-5000 individuals for the conference for the first year.

I am currently reaching out to Polygon on this forum to see if they would be interested in sponsoring and speaking at the NFT San Francisco Conference. We have reached out to Polygon via Twitter ,Linkedin, and on Discord. However, we haven’t heard back. My team would love to connect with someone.

We recently came across this forum and we would love to see if we are able to connect with Polygon team to see if they would like to speak at the conference and become involved in sponsoring this event. The conference is a community led initiative, and is not VC backed, so we would appreciate any support offered from the Web3 community as we prep for our first year.

Being a sponsor would allow Polygon to have the opportunity to receive a career fair booth and promote themselves via merchandise, printed materials, etc depending on the sponsorship packages. We are also flexible and willing to brainstorm with Polygon on some sponsorship/marketing ideas that they would prefer. Some of the speaker opportunities that we are wondering if The Graph would be interested in includes the following:

-How NFTs are disrupting the art industry

-Career Climbing Pathways/Success Stories


In case your team is wondering who else is speaking or other information, you can also come across such information here:

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Hi Lilian!

Being from the Bay Area, THIS IS EXCITING. Have you tried to reach out in the Polygon DAO discord? A lot of the grant info normally runs through there.
If you already tried there, let me know, I can try to guide you to someone.

Here you go…

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@Twenx Twenx,

We have tried the discord already! If you know of someone, my team would love to connect.

Looking forward to your response!