New ERC-20 on Matic


  1. what are the pros of deploying a new erc20 token directly on matic instead of ethereum?
  2. If I create a new erc20 on ethereum, users will be able to send and receive my tokens on matic network without the need of holding ether? I mean ether is only needed to move the tokens to matic but once they are on Matic they will be able to transfer them without ethereum, just like if I deploy the erc20 on Matic?
    3.if I create an erc20 on matic now, I will have to create a new smart contract in future to be able to send my tokens using my own token as gas instead of matic?

Thank You

If you plan to have your app working only on Matic, then it makes sense. You can of course also deploy a mirror contract on Ethereum to ensure tokens can be transferred between the two networks.

Currently on Matic testnet, you don’t need any gas to pay for transactions. On Matic mainnet, you will need to pay in Matic tokens - however the fees will be <1/100th of what it costs on Ethereum.

The “pay for gas using your own token” feature is enabled by meta-transactions. You will need to deploy an additional proxy contract (not ERC20) to enable this feature when it is ready.

What are the differences between creating an erc20 on ethereum and use it on matic instead of creating it on matic and deploy a mirror contract on ethereum? thanks

Both approaches work on the same principle - there are mirror copies of the contract on both chains. @Daamin