New Catagory: Country

Hey all,

Can we get a catagory for work In specific countries?

Can we also make sure to Include Scotland.



Can you please expand as to why we need country-specific categories?

Personally, I am not sure there is a need for them since we have categories that cover all kinds of topics (DeFi, NFTs, DAO, Gaming) and Polygon products (PoS, Edge etc).

Yes theres a lack of development in places like Scotland and It would be good to have a place where a Scottish Polygon community can form, as well as whatever else. Just seems like would be a good idea In the long run for community building.

We could also just make a Scotland catagory

I hear this argument but I do not see how having a country specific section will help.

I am not sure if we have any Polygon Advocates in Scotland, maybe @abix can help with that.
If we do, it would be great to connect with them and figure out ways to support adoption in the area. If not, it is a great opportunity to apply to become an advocate and along with the rest of this awesome team, to figure out a way to form such a community!

Here is the link for the application: Become a Polygon’s Advocate - Polygon

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Hey :wave: ,

We do have advocates in Scotland, and would be delighted to help with things. let’s connect over discord and take the conversation ahead !!

Discord : Abix#1761

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Cool done, Do you think this could fit in with the funding application I handed In for ?

Will figure out a better one and come back, Thanks for Infos : )