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:film_projector:Neo Masterpiece Films :film_strip:

:clapper:Main Use Case

The Web 3 Film Studio For the People, By the People. The best of Web3 NFTs and Defi, blended with the best of Hollywood, Netflix and Film-Making.


:handshake:Problem we Solve

The Film Industry is broken. The current model commits all the power and almost all the earnings to the production studios that sit between the creators and their fans. The outcome for fans is a limited palette of film choices, offered for their consumption. Sequels and formulaic offerings appear to be endless as the organizations in control chase safe revenue, aligned to their own interests.

Enter NEO, with a plan and a team that will usher in a new era of film-making and revolutionize the Industry! Aaron Markham has been working in the Film Industry for 18 years and he has dug deep into his connections to draw a strong Team together. Our network is wide and deep, and together, we cover decades of experience in all aspects of film-making; producing, directing, writing, acting, cinematography and distribution.

:star:Our Team
More info on our website - links at end :heart:

:motorway:Road Map
We already have 5 projects in the pipeline AND created a thriving FILM SERVICES arm. See our infodeck in links below for details.

Check out our info deck below!

Info Deck



We are minting imminently - please help us get the word out! Come join us, do reach out :heart:



This looks like an interesting problem statement to me, but could you please help me understand more about your project?

  1. Please share the prev work(short films) you did
  2. Share the social handles of the founding team
  3. What’s your GTM?

Also, the business model presented here doesn’t seem very solid to me, especially the way you mentioned $NEO


Nothing here I mentioned should be considered as financial advice & personal.