Need dev assiatance re: sent tokenss vie MATIC chain to coinabse instead of ETH chain

I see you guys have responded to others having a similar problem. I tried to send MATIC tokens from my Gate exchange wallet to Coinbase (crappiest exchange I ever used). Gate offers 3 ways to send, and I should not have assumed a huge site like Coinbase that supports MATIC, would support their chain for transactions, but I did. I looked all around for any red flags but none appeared. I chose the MATIC network cause the fees are always low. When I generated an address on Coinbase, no tag saying only use the ETH network. Everything looked somewhat smooth actually. Transaction shows it was in fact received in the address I sent.

So, my question is, can I recover these coins if they are in a wallet, and if not, why? I understand coinbase doesn’t support the chain, but the tokens are in a wallet, so they got thee. I find it hard to believe there is no way to reverse the transactions, by someone within the network , since the tokens are just sitting there, doing nothing. Isn’t the blockchain built for these types of custody situations? being able to track and locate, retrieve?

Any help from the devs here is appreciated

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Thanks for the reply, the exchange is coinbase. Telling me you can’t help, but not explaining why, as I asked, doesn’t help me understand. I mean, why at this point in crypto development are we so pathetically weak on this issue, where people can lose money trying to transfer. Granted I should have assumed coinbase was shit and didn’t support the MATIC chain, but what has MATIC done to prevent these problems.

I don’t have the MATIC wallet, but great, to me that means any org who doesn’t do that, is pretty scummy to be straight up honest. but honestly, I still think safety features are on the devs