My transfer not send to my binance

A week ago i was send WETH to my binance app . But not come to my wallet .
I go to check my binance and ask the team binance he said please call the matic the cause you use Matic network
this my txn Hash : 0x5e4f59562cb6336af66b16d1fffb6d0990a5d3772e70f40b7125a8d4707907f2

This addres from binance : 0xcbc59bbbfe07912fb360d4ad414f4013f82a7639

This my Matic address : 0xbfccdbdd448ece66dbd7c76bed7153379b6bdccd

And this replay from binance team :

2021-08-28 17:51:34

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0.00675 WETH

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Dear User, WETH Token deposit using MATIC Network we are unable to retrieve for the moment, maybe in the future we’ll develop, but cannot do it at the moment. Please be reminded to check the token and network next time. Thank you.

Thanks sir , gone gone from dash to dash

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I accidentally sent ETH from Matic Mainnet to ERC 20 of Binance. Is it still recoverable? Can someone help?

Transaction Hash: 0x1b5008707f4e55a4f13f78576b6291ee49cbf5f0389f0c037790c37aabb9c2f8

I sent a direct message on how to recover it ,
Restore your Metamask wallet , if the transaction didn’t go through there’s high chance that it’s stuck or pending , restoring would help refresh or cancel the transaction.

It did proceed tho. It said success on polygon scan.

Go to your Binance wallet , Add Wrapped Ether to your wallet , your asset should be there then

Currently checking this one

Can you further guide me with this one?

Sure ,


Add that contract on your Binance , you should get your token

I already added WETH on my Binance wallet. What to do next?

Copy out your weth wallet address and check if it’s same with the one on the polygon scan

I think it will not be the same address since I used ETH ERC 20 feature of Binance.