My Eth stuck pre checkpoint POS. HELP!


I’ve been submitting tickets and trying to get help with my eth that has been stuck for almost 3 days now. I’ve done plenty of transfers successfully before, but this time it’s just stuck for days with no try again button or anything. If support can reach out to me that would be appreciated. Not a fan of losing 14 eth.




I believe 7210. No matter how many times I try I do not receive a confirmation email to make an account and view ticket status. I’ve included a screenshot of my question.



The try again option is not available for me either.

I am having similar issues, Transferred ETH from Matic to ETH network but never got to the checkpoint stage and now it is stuck, Did you find a solution??

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Yes, they eventually reached out and fixed on their end.


I’m having the same issue here is my address 0x0851CeD43aab7Bc38b0fA4fBc4e3849634d2cA67

I sent 0.24 ETH last night at 8:28pm EST

Please help,


Hi, I have the same issue… here is my address 0x0851CeD43aab7Bc38b0fA4fBc4e3849634d2cA67

The transaction was sent POS-ETH last night at 8:48pm EST

Hey I got the same issue - did you get any reply from anyone?

Hi - I got the same issue - what was their reply? :’(