Moving Polygon coins from Metamask to Ledger Cold Wallet

Hello guys,

I need a little help with the following.

Yesterday I’ve created a new token on the Polygon Network $ABCD and dropped it into my Metamask account. Now I want to move all these tokens to my Ledger Wallet.

Hooked my Ledger Wallet to my Metamask Wallet, followed instructions > Ledger Live, created Polygon account. Send a few coins from Metamask to my Ledger Wallet.

However, I can’t see my custom tokens symbol and deposited $ABCD tokens in my Polygon Wallet in Ledger Live.
Checked transaction in Polygonscan and saw that transaction were no problems.

A few coins have been sent to my Ledger Wallet but don’t see my custom coins; only MATIC is visible. So I’m not sure whether or not the tokens are stored on my Ledger.
How do I make my own Polygon tokens visible in Ledger?

Thank you!

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It wont just appear, you have to add your custom token info to your metamask/ledger live connection. I dont believe youll be able to see it in your ledger live app because Ledger probably does not support your custom token, but as long as you added your ledger to your metamask, you should be able to see it there.

*just a reminder that your tokens are stored on the blockchain and not your ledger, your ledger acts as a signer for your transactions.


I’m using Ledger as a check and confirmation that my coins are not lost somewhere in hyperspace.

Maybe it would be a good idea to have an interface here on polygon website where we just have to hook our Ledger to check our accounts and transactions, without using Ledger Live.

There is a “add hardware wallet” option in metamask. That will let you view your tokens.

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