Move dapp to Matic


my web3 dapp is currently running on infura (ethereum) and I would like to move it Matic, do I only need to change the ChainId: 15001 and everything will still works? Infura will automatically fetch for matic chain instead of ethereum?


No that will not work. Refer to get started.

Some important links:

after deploying the solidity contract on matic, do I need to use [] instead of infura to for example get balance? Or can I still use infura?
Whats the limit of requests per seconds for wss:// ?

Yes, is the Mumbai Matic testnet RPC link. You can use it to fetch the balance.

wss:// - this is the websocket RPC link for the Matic mainnet (not testnet). Currently there is no limit - rate limiting will be made clear in future doc updates, if any.