Money stuck in Polygon

Hey there, I have some money stuck in Polygon wallet! I can’t buy, I can’t transfer, I can’t bridge them back to ETH network. Can somebody please help me! Thank you so much!

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Assets, not money sorry!

@Monnster do not enter that website, it’s a scam.

If you have some tokens in 0 MATIC in Polygon network, you cannot transfer it because transfers require some MATIC to spend. You can fund your address with MATIC. If you already have MATIC, I advise you to not convert them back to ETH network because it requires a lot of $ fees in ETH. You can deposit your tokens to an exchange (CEX) which accepts token deposits in Polygon network OR you can convert them to MATIC, and then transfer it to your exchange account (which accepts MATIC deposits in Polygon network).

Yanlış ağa gönderim yaptım bnb den eth ye gönderdim geri alabilirmiyim