Missing USDC instead of unfamiliar token

Yesterday I connected Metamask to Polygon(Matic) bridge.
I swapped USDC($9133.25) from Matic network work to ethereum network.
The process succeeded (Please see the attached file which is polygon scan) but I can not see the USDC in my Metamask wallet.
My wallet address is here

After this transaction, unfamiliar token “DAPP” is appeared (Please see the attached file which is my Metamask wallet)

Could you please tell me where is my USDC in my wallet? I can find USDC .
neither Matic network nor ethereum network.
If swap the process did not succeed, how to complete it?

Go to polygon discord https://discord.gg/za2bSGmD
There is a solution to this problem. I also tormented with this. Channel #web-wallet-queries