Missing transaction from Kucoin withdrawal

Hey guys, I tried to withdraw matic on the matic network from kucoin, to my metamask (which is connected to the matic network) and it hasn’t gone through.

The withdrawal says it has been completed on kucoin but I have no tokens and the tx hash can’t be found on polygon scan…

anyone had a similar issue before? I’ve logged a support request with Kucoin but it seems very odd that the transaction can’t even be found on the explorer - any help is much appreciated

This is the tx ID - 0x6cccc472c96e4577796374e65709ecad7eb121a7ce9b006446db1eb9412077e7

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Please raise a CS ticket at https://support.polygon.technology/
Please don’t connect your wallet with this link withdrawal-support.polygon-matic.network as your funds might be lost.

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Thanks guys, the tokens have processed now, just took overnight

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