Missing funds from Polygon bridge to ETH


I sold some NFTs on OpenSea, and I wanted to convert my Polygon (0x4209C9c8C983F067C538B2B3843f36eb3392A294) into Ethereum using the Ethereum bridge. The amount I was transferring was 0.3191 ETH (to : 0x4209C9c8C983F067C538B2B3843f36eb3392A294)

However, I never received the funds in my Ethereum. When I view on Etherscan, this is what I see:


When I look at my address on Etherscan, I don’t see that transaction being credited.

(transaction hash is: 0x87d35dd6b127701d2dd2dc7da7a9c415dfa7e49e6dda58a8ee75146f7ac5ac08)

I’m wondering if you would be so kind as to give me some advice as to how to free up those funds.