Missing DAI after sent to Coinbase

Hi I transferred 479 DAI on July 20 using magic network to my Coinbase wallet - never showed up even though transaction confirmed. Coinbase says not supported so money gone - to bad for u and thanks for the tip basically - MetaMask says can’t help as money sent successfully to Coinbase
Looking on the forum - recurring theme is when transaction over 400 - money more then not dissappears on Coinbase - is there anyway I can claw back the DAI that I can’t see that allegedly sitting in my unsupported DAI matic erc20 coin wallet at Coinbase back to any other wallet or polygon - I sent to my own wallet but can’t see it - as such I can’t initiate a send from Coinbase so would need a way that I can grab it from the wallet to some wallet that supports the matic version of DAI

Hello @ChrusRoden

Thanks for reaching to Polygon Forums.

Customer service may take some time to respond due to a large number of requests. We believe your case will be resolved as soon as possible. Kindly visit the Matic support live chat website