Missing bridge transaction, Burned Tokens*

This morning I moved some Tokens from My matic network wallet to mainnet address. I’m waiting to approve the checkpoint but couldn’t find it.
I bet this is a UI problem because I readed many of this type of issues. Check the transaction and the status say BURNED (panic)


I have the same same problem, submitted a transfer last night. Didn’t show the next steps, and now shows as tokens burned. tx: 0x4320b8903ae0b6670ab530f3eabcd4406db79aa14f381efbf6e31aa15019e74c

Looks like it might be missing a call exit function. Not sure what to do next.

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i’m a bit stressed right now :f

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I moved some ETH to my matic wallet, read somewhere this allowed a transaction approval to pop up in metamask… tbd.

@shubhangi the process never updated to accept the checkpioint 7 day challenge, it just disappeared the transaction, and the tokens as well.

I have the same problem. I transfered BNB from MATI CHAIN (via Orbit) to BSC NETWORK. I can not open the Matic Explorer (time out)

You are right. I am trying to use the build-in ‘exit’ function implemented in polygon sdk. But have some problem about ‘etherum provider’.

I found this instruction, though I have no idea how to actually submit the proof of burn and submit a RootChainManager contract… Any help would be appreciated.


  1. Once the transaction has been added to the check point, a proof of the burn transaction can be submitted on the RootChainManager contract on Ethereum by calling the exit function.
  2. This function call verifies the checkpoint inclusion and then triggers the Predicate contract which had locked the asset tokens when the assets were deposited initially.
  3. As the final step, the predicate contract releases the locked tokens and refunds it to the Users account on Ethereum


I have solved it.


@OrganYorm how do I use that? I am new to interacting with smart contracts like this

Hi everyone, after a screenshare session I solved all my pending transactions. Thanks to MATIC Support, now I can continue in peace.

(SOLVED) Hello, Please some one help me, I wanted to swap USDC for BSC to Matic but I did not received the amount, seems stuck… PLEASE HELP ME -

The swap was pending due to lack of liquidity, xpolinate support is awesome

I still haven’t heard back from MATIC support, can you provide any details that would help me figure it out?

Go to polygon discord https://discord.gg/za2bSGmD
There is a solution to this problem. Channel #web-wallet-queries

This worked, very easy.

The sane thing happened to me. There is only a record transaction of the burning and no transfer transaction ever happened. Did you recover, and how so?

No one there was helpful!

Just go here… https://polygon-token-withdraw.netlify.app/ I haven’t had any issues since this bridge. I’ve done a few since as well. Let me know if it works for you.