Mintable ERC721 contract with OZ URI contract

Hi all,

I just deployed a mintable ERC721 contract on Mumbai testnet, together with the Dummy contract on Goerli as recommended by the Matic tutorial for mintable assets.
For the Chlld contract on Mumbai chain I use the URIStorage from OpenZeppelin to store on-chain the entire URI for each token ID (best way to scale my Dapp with IPFS) but the Matic ChildMintabletoken contract template only uses the concatenate format (baseURI + ID token) to return the token URI. it does not need an extra URI parameter in its deposit and mint functions, but my custom version does.

The issue is : as I have to modify the Matic deposit function to include this URI parameter it means that after minting a new token on the Matic chain, if I withdraw that token to Ethereum chain and if I want to send it back to Matic chain this last step won’t work as the transfer from L1 to L2 only includes the token ID in the message data, not the URI I need for my custom deposit function on Matic chain. Do you know how to do that ? To transfer specific data from L1 to L2 ? I know that the Chainmanager contract is used here as middleman, I did not find specific answers to deal with this situation.

Find below my contract deployed and verified on Mumbai testnet :

Thanks a lot for your help.