Mini-Contest Day 1 - Claim Rewards and Re-stake

Hey @Validators,

Welcome to Day 1 of the Mini-contests. To earn rewards, you will need to perform a couple of tasks. On completing the tasks successfully, you will have to submit proof of actions taken on the designated Github repo.

The first 30 validators to do so (correctly) will win $10 worth of MATIC tokens each. The prize pool for Day 1 is $300 worth of MATIC tokens.

Before you proceed, we have noticed that there may be some issues with accessing the Dashboard on Firefox. We suggest you to use Chrome or Brave for better accessibility.

How to play and win

  1. First you will need to login to the Matic Staking Dashboard:
  2. Once you have logged in go to your validator profile, you will see 2 buttons in yellow - Claim Rewards and Restake Rewards .

Claim Rewards :

  1. Click on Claim Rewards and you will get a confirmation to claim your rewards. You will need to confirm the transaction on Metamask.
  2. Once you get a confirmation from Metamask, your rewards will be added to your account. Check the test token balances. Your rewards on the Dashboard should be zero after confirmation.
  3. Take a note of the Transaction Hash of claimed rewards transaction on Goerli. It will be required later for proof submission.

For your reference:

The transaction hash on Goerli will mention how many tokens were claimed as rewards.

Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 4 24 52 PM

Restake :

Note that you can either restake your rewards or restake the remaining amount of tokens that you have left. You don’t need to stake a higher amount. A minimum of 10 tokens should be good.

  1. Click on Restake Rewards and you will a pop-up on the screen which will look something like this

Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 4 12 25 PM

  1. Click on Add more stake and you will see a text box open up. You can add the number of tokens in that text box that you want to restake.
  2. When you click on ‘Restake’ it will ask you for confirmation from Metamask. After the first confirmation, it will take you back to the Dashboard with the pop-up on the screen. DO NOT click on anything yet.
  3. It should automatically take you back to Metamask for the 2nd confirmation. Once both the transactions are confirmed you should see the “Total Stake” value to be increased.
  4. You need to take note of the transaction hash for the 2nd confirmation transaction on Goerli.

For your reference:

Your 2nd transaction on Goerli would contain the number of tokens you staked.

Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 4 18 58 PM

You can get your transaction hash from here:

How to submit proof?

We have already created a Github issue {} where you need to post your transaction hash for both Claim and Re-stake. You can add a comment in the following format:

My Address: 0x7eD7f36694153bA6EfF6ca6726b60F6E2Bb17fcf

Claim Reward :

I claimed 241 Matic Tokens and here is the proof -

Restake : I restaked 10 Matic Tokens and here is the proof -

You will be disqualified if your submission is not in the correct format. Remember the first 30 validators with correct entries will be selected based on the submission time on the Github issue.

Rewards for all the winners will be distributed at the end of Stage 1.

Let the games begin!

Thanks to all the people that participated in the first mini-contest. We received more than 50+ entries for this, however as communicated before, the first 30 people to correctly submit their proofs will be rewarded. So here goes:

The list of addresses that have won on Day 1

  1. 0x4d27A3b75Ff79cD70a8BA91518e35f1D1Dc1C26d
  2. 0x78162309525D2A692F1ca2Edf764705Cb6ba8DcC
  3. 0x97546D8169AaB23e45e40f394C326fC5F874E9eb
  4. 0xc4E88c8BaaE79049841750B36e6D10401f1688F5
  5. 0xCeb5E3F7b79e1437cc48acadE00726E9C5dA8E3D
  6. 0x67EB7C8f2d8c0Df0729F9a99795b7B2c46c2DB7B
  7. 0xf8d1127780b89f167cb4578935e89b8ea1de774f
  8. 0x2c3fDCEf2A7Bf71bcFefb576b4c6A0De4984B225
  9. 0xeB81a413B01e9482ddc46D0c77Ee8918bb44B30c
  10. 0x732aC9DF92d9DD32A9C7aA9fCB9a76317fF1c2B6
  11. 0x277bC0C390917e0588B1Df7173DcbE6f0D9DA111
  12. 0x3F21B71F7C5f7733EBf8A9233e9D022baA3713f5
  13. 0x5Be3a4B4EDC39D58cF7e3556eA9E1E271F6d8b73
  14. 0xAbB9D8644E56cB77C8593d317D84E428357f7CC5
  15. 0x097223Ee83e714e25aF3eC698293c635Bea05796
  16. 0xce717b0a1ee4869fe9075838ddb59b78176b1ce9
  17. 0x641b654b8903bada337b3d7abf4533d6ebab0f49
  18. 0xB68DdF19ECE588d402f80E0b21EE7d6b9251136D
  19. 0x850bae06d8e56a5fd4117640c023f942697d771c
  20. 0xaEAC024c62FcaDDd3470E0ECea3C09C9154200Db
  21. 0x40dbaae8374bb4361a61e5292922b051d45181c5
  22. 0xCdFC898128DBC380A60895c6E8C0975Dc07D07E0
  23. 0x50780E6aB93bbF35019D35E39956447Fc3018b12
  24. 0x53f0Bf4e2029E7106d0699746c4da795e78070f9
  25. 0xc01e78b56c02c075b51391c27a7b78f39ac3ae3e
  26. 0xe648df7baea265dd051c2b3b2ac73def4fa054b1
  27. 0x2314f1870f040983E64373BA3C33d025CdDe7BB6
  28. 0xF217022Cd526d33e7b8Eaf6825A359aD2140a247
  29. 0x207026cfbeb94a5f7810b150314db27951f66dbd
  30. 0x9c8b0afa322d38a8422c15746ff4b293f893a35b

One of the addresses was disqualified even though they were in the top 30 because they posted an incorrect txhash of their re-stake transaction.

disqualified address - 0x247490413303cF21b7c86205A25DC4C3A6b74f88

We hope to see the same participation energy for the rest of the contests!


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