MINES : Digital asset management solution

Dear Polygon community,

It’s an honor to introduce our product with Polygon ID. We are creating a user-friendly product for mass adoption of Web3 while focusing on Web2 users.

MINES is a digital asset integration management product. It allows users to consolidate their Web2 and Web3 accounts and assets, enabling seamless transactions, payments, and sharing of transaction history with external platforms through high compatibility. Identity protection is crucial when managing these assets.

That’s why we have implemented Polygon ID login in MINES to enhance user self-sovereign identity and strengthen privacy. We plan to collaborate further with Polygon, utilizing features like Polygon ZK, to enhance user convenience and compatibility.

1. Project name

  • MINES, Digital asset management solution

2. What do we want to solve to this project

  • We aim to address the issue of low compatibility with digital assets between Web2 and Web3. As the variety of networks and internal tokens in Web3 increases, there is a growing demand to integrate and manage wallets across networks and facilitate smooth cross-chain transactions. Additionally, the rising popularity of NFTs in Web3 has increased the demand for better compatibility with Web3 virtual assets in Web2.

3. Main use case

  • MINES serves as an intermediary adapter to solve low compatibility issue. It collects and manages user accounts and balances related to digital assets, enabling smooth transactions and history sharing through high compatibility across Web3 networks. It also bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3 by linking social accounts from Web2.

4. Synergy with Polygon ID

  • Increase in network transactions due to user influx.
  • Increased liquidity from other chains through multi-chain transfer functionality.
  • Enhanced usability of DApps through support for cross-chain and cross-web (Web2 to Web3 and Web3 to Web3) transfers and payment modules.

5. Presentation of the team

- CEO Minik kim

- >5 years of startup Experience
- Proptech Exit Experience
- WorldQuant IQC Korea Top 10

- CFO Toil kim

- >2 years Venture Capital Experience
- >2 years Investment Bank Experience
- 1> year Portfolio Manager Experience

- Team History

- 5+ times of winning in hackathons
- Experience in Antalpha, Naver Financial (Korean representative portal), etc.

6. Implemented features

- Account

- Login with social accounts (Google) / Polygon ID
- Linking social accounts (Twitter)
- Creating and Custom a profile

- Asset history

- Connect Metamask wallet
- Displaying total NFTs in the wallet

- Transfer

- Token transfer via social account (Google & Twitter)
- Receiving tokens through links

- Sharing of transaction history

- Automatic sharing on Twitter feed (sharing sending details & receiving details)
- Automatic Twitter DM (sending receipt link to the recipient)

7. Roadmap

- 2023 Q3

Integration management of digital assets through the dashboard with Polygon ID and Google Social Login, profile customization, linking social accounts, collecting Web3 wallets, and sharing transaction history.

- 2023 Q4

Support for multi-chain transfers and payment services, in addition to the features from Q3.

- 2024 Q1

Continued support for multi-chain transfers and payment services.

8. link to website

  • http://3tree.io/
  • The product name of the MINES project is 3tree! You can check out our live product here.
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