Milestoned Grants Management improvements


After discussing with some Polygon’s foundation members, it seems that our tool D-Share ( could be used to transparently manage grants allocation.

First let me introduce D-Share protocol:

D-Share is tailor-made to tackle the prevalent challenges of trust, solvency, and payment delays in commercial transactions. As a pioneering escrow-as-a-service and revenue-sharing platform leveraging blockchain technology, D-Share is your next-gen solution for escrowed business transactions, capable of securing, fractioning, and automating multi-party agreements. It achieves this by safeguarding and automating financial transactions via various validation methods, including simple signatures from partners or verifiers, or through external data that activates the deal’s smart contract, thereby triggering the transaction. This external data is sourced through the incorporation of Chainlink functions and oracles, encompassing a wide range of information such as video view counts that could initiate an influencer’s payment.

How we could use it within Polygon DAO:

D-Share offers a streamlined solution for Web3 DAOs to manage grants transparently and automatically. By setting milestones and utilizing data triggers like community votes, D-Share enables phased fund releases directly aligned with project achievements.

By enabling the fractionalization of grants for specific projects, D-Share offers a structured and transparent approach to fund allocation and release. This system allows for the locking of grant funds on a milestone-by-milestone basis, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently and in alignment with project progress.

The platform’s versatility enables the unlocking of these funds through various secure methods. One approach could involve the approval of a designated verifier, who, upon confirming the completion of a milestone, authorizes the release of the corresponding funds. This ensures that grant money is disbursed in direct correlation with project achievements, safeguarding against misallocation.
Alternatively, D-Share’s advanced data sourcing capabilities could trigger fund releases based on specific, quantifiable metrics, such as community vote outcomes. For instance, if a project milestone includes garnering a certain level of community support or achieving predefined objectives that can be quantitatively measured, the completion of these milestones could be automatically verified through data sourcing. This method not only streamlines the grant distribution process but also actively engages the community in the governance and success of public goods projects.

Here is the process proposal:

By integrating these mechanisms, D-Share provides the Polygon DAO with a powerful tool to manage public goods funding more effectively. This ensures that grants are distributed in a manner that is both meritocratic and aligned with the community’s values and goals, fostering a more vibrant, collaborative, and accountable ecosystem.

Let me know your thoughts!!