Migration to POS sidechain

We’ve deployed an ERC1155 contract on Ethereum Mainnet that has a set of sword items and planning to deploy another ERC1155 contract deployed on Polygon Mainnet that has a set of wearable items.

Simply, we want to allow a sword item holder on Ethereum Mainnet to exchange its item to a wearable item deployed on Polygon Mainnet.

safeTransferFrom() sends a sword item to the wearable contract address → onERC1155Received on wearable contract is triggered and mints a new wearable item. Exchange is done.

So I’d like to confirm whether below is a feasible scenario.

  1. Using transfer() in posClient, allows user to transfer sword item on Ethereum Mainnet to wearable contract on Polygon Mainnet
  2. sword item is locked on Ethereum Mainnet and new wearable item is minted on Polygon Mainnet