Good Day Everyone.

I have sent my USDC from Metamask to Binance, it never arrived to BINANCE.

TXN ID: 0x217557b25faa0a547b8671a89164074845e3976e8ba473ccfe81a8519ed33727

I already applied an Appeal for a Manual Review to Binance but it was rejected, their Remarks said

“Currently unable to retrieve unsupported token deposited via MATIC network , our technical team is working on it, will announce when retrieve work is available.”

Please help me retrieve this, it’s for Medical Purposes.

Thank you!

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Hello @ckrzero29
Thanks for reaching to polygon Forums. Customer service may take some time to respond due to a large number of requests. We believe your case will be resolved as soon as possible. Kindly visit the polygon support live chat website

Have the same problem and filled the same form and recieved the same response from Binance. Support mentioned on top that the Matic team would have to unlock the recovery from the Matic network for Binance to be able to recover the USDC. So it seems the Matic team also have to do something from their side.

Have you heard anything new yet, I see your USDC is still stuck in the Matic wallet as an ERC20 token?