MAtic Wallet Does NOT Register Delegation, LOSES ALL FUNDS

I too would like to file a complaint against Matic. I staked ALL of my Matic to AllNodes validator (voucher bought on Eth network) and then when I check the wallet “my account”, it asks me if I want to delegate (again) - not registering that I already did delegate. Two hours have gone by and I logged out and back into Metamask and still Polygon wallet is as DUMB as a DOORKNOB URL: using Ethereum blockchain network. I will be reporting this to the Internet Crimes financial division as well if they don’t do something about this immediately.

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Hello @Ken_Silverman We believe your case will be resolved promptly via any of our support links:

Live Chat

Telegram Dev Support
[Telegram: Contact @PolygonDevs]

I hope everything comes through with your issue with Polygon. I been dealing with this issue late August and they keep giving me the runaround and advising to view these support links that is irrelevant to OUR situation.
Either they help us or not help us stop forcing us to look at these support links which they don’t support customers issues.
The team support from Polygon requested that I use these malicious links/websites to validate my wallet in my wallet been compromise which I lost Ethereum and ONG (SoMee) I did not authorize my funds to go nowhere. Ever since then my wallet been compromised all the whole month of September I’m losing Ethereum. And neither platforms want to assist customers in funds being lost or help recovery.
Trust and believe they will be a federal agency with these crypto platforms to help assist customers losing money from this billion dollar trillion dollar crypto companies!