MATIC Value Accrual

Hi All!

I am trying to understand how MATIC will accrue value as Polygon gets more user adoption given the zk solutions use ETH as a native token.

  1. Will validators have a MATIC staking requirement?
  2. Will validators be compensated in ETH?
  3. Will MATIC be used for anything other than staking and governance?

Thank you!


Hey @JayJay thank you for reaching out and congrats on your first time posting!

Matics have a place in the future zkEVM fees structure, it is true that the TXs cost will be in ETH, just as if you are using Ethereum.
Initailly we have no validators, once we are ready to decentralize validators will have a major role to play.


Thanks for your response. Can you elaborate on how MATIC will play a role and what the utility will be?

We don’t have this information yet. There is still a lot of work in progress.