Matic transfer (withdrawal) via polygon network from to binence


I was using polygon network first time, i tried to transfer 2450 matic token via polygon network and deposit i on my binence wallet.

It has pased more then 12h, transacion on is still pending -

44132023027 2022-01-15 20:11:32 -2450.000000 MATIC 1552.227948 WITHDRAW - Transaction is being processed.

my wallet on is - 0x9e6a45bde1297ef2250200c363813bc14338f32d
my wallet on binence is -0x0926235a07e55fb37ff854842016ba1e546e3c6d

When i go to binence, i canot see transaction. But in is says like i said earlier that transaction is still pending.

Please, im afraid that i lost my tockens, its almost everyting that i have invested.

I double check depost wallet adress, so that part is ok.

I tried finding transaction on polygon scan, but i canost see it. I tried typing bouth of my wallets there.

Please if somebody can help me, i would realy appriciate it.

Best regards, hope that somebody can look into my case.

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