Matic Transfer issue


I have a situation.
Purchased Matic for the first time after reading abt staking awards.
Purchased Matic from MEW wallet with ETH.
Then Around 11500 matic were transferred to matic wallet(mobile ios app) with address
The transfer was successful from MEW but Matic Wallet is still empty.
Can someone tell, what might have gone wrong?
Sent from 0x38662cf883dd8eabcc693cc248f42876022e1a32
Transaction hash



How come matic to matic transfer did not happen as expected. Almost 1000usd worth of tokens lost in transition? Never happened with any other crypto so far. Something is wrong guys.

Finally after 2 days i see the tokens in the wallet…phew!! :sweat_smile:

Hello man!
Do you receive your tokens?
i have the same trouble, i sent MATICS Token from my binance account but nothing happen.
i am worried because i saw the Custom RPC information and it is diferent to other documents. this one is appears here, but in others sites is

Please help me.


After 2 days,i could see my tokens in the Matic wallet app after that issue. Then i transferred from Matic wallet to binance,it went through within 1 hour.
I do not have much idea abt custom RPC info. Unfortunately. I did not do anything specific.
So you got confirmation about transfer but do not see them in binance yet? Hope you transffered via correct network, matic or eth.
Wait a day. Hopefully you will see them.


Ohh i see!!!
But why take to much time to arrive it.
In my case, according to Binance they sent me an mail with the succesfully withdrawal confirmation.
i hope it will arrive. Btw Eth fees is so high, that is why i sent all my Matics Token instead a little quantity.

Not sure why it took long in my case. Might be something to do with matic network.
Nothing to worry as you got withdrawal confirmation from binance. Might have been some extra delay. Yeah eth fee is too high.

question. i believe my 7 day challnege period is up, however nothing has changed. do i need to do anything else? is 7 days like not an exact 7 ? thanks

Hey JC124 - I think I did the same mistake you did - sent to wrong network i.e. vs

Can you explain how you solved it or is it just a waiting game? Thanks.