MATIC Transaction Reversal Following Theft(?)

I’m attempting to get the following transaction reversed as I suspect foul play: 0x6bfc41b66832041566c7cf4f79a7d9b2d82e37ebd0ad0315b4af5f34780f9b83

Following a chat conversation with the MATIC Support Center where we were unsucessful in connecting my metamask through WalletConnect and the Polygon website, all of my MATIC was sent to an unknown wallet address. I stopped receiving messages from the Support Team member and gave up on connecting the wallet that evening but I didn’t notice the funds missing until today. Is it possible to revert this transaction so these funds can be recovered back to me?

Is it possible is a scam version of the domain? It appears the former has a Connect Wallet and chat option that the latter does not and is likely how I got scammed?

Indeed. Figured that out after posting this. I’m assuming it’s not easy/possible to reverse this type of transaction and to be fair, I was an idiot for engaging with them so it’s a lesson learned but also, I’m going after @Karl and those mother fuckers.