$MATIC Token - Ecosystem Utility

Given it seems like the various rollup and scaling initiatives are progressing quite nicely, I figured it might be an appropriate time to spark the discussion on this – what’s the latest thinking from the Polygon team around how the MATIC token will be used outside of the PoS sidechain (gas + staking)?

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I have zero idea on what will actually happen, but my guess would be that MATIC will be used as the staking token, and as token used to pay gas, across all execution environments on Polygon (POS, zk’s).

It’s anyone’s guess but fingers crossed that someone from one of the many product teams chimes in here :sweat_smile:

You’re probably right on it being at the very least a gas token (or maybe one of many if account abstraction is implemented on the ZKRs). Governance token might also make sense, but I have doubts on the efficacy of things that are just governance tokens. Potentially with some “pseudo-staking” fee-sharing mechanism if allowable / desired.

As far as true staking goes (in sense of staking for cryptoeconomic security), it’s actually an interesting open question. In their current forms, I don’t think validity rollups need their own proof-of-stake mechanism as the economic security may be somewhat redundant with the layer 1.

Clearly given StarkNet’s announced token model and what I know of zksync’s plans for their token, most today are opting for some type of POS mechanism to enforce good behavior on the part of provers and sequencers.

Will be interesting to see how this all applies to $MATIC particularly on slashing conditions across different rollups w/ potentially different sets of operators & how fee sharing might work.

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