Matic sent from binance to ETH address via matic network address lost

Newbie here! I wanted to transfer matic from binance exchange to my ledger live wallet but without really knowing I chose Matic Network and it didn’t reach. The transfer was successfully completed, as it shows on polygonscan. Is there a way to recover the matic? Kindly help.

Thanks in advance.

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This is exactly what happened to me. I think I should’ve used Ethereum (ERC20) for the network instead of Matic since the Matic token is under Ethereum in my Trezor. feeldsbadman

I hope the devs can do something about this in the future since a lot seems to be making this mistake.

In your Eth wallet. Change the networtk from Eth to polygon. And check again if its there.

Matic or anyother erc 20 token in matic network is not visible if the wallet is at Eth network/ethmainnet.

Hope this helps