Matic sent from Binance to Coinbase lost

Please help me. I sent 349 matic from my Binance account to my Coinbase account through the matic network but has not yet been received.
Please let me know how I can retrieve this to any wallet.The transaction is completed and I can see it on the matic network.
Please let me know.Thanks
I have MetaMask wallet if I can transfer the matic there it will be fine for me.


I did exactly the same - would love some advise from cleverer people than myself

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Hi Shubhangi - sorry to hijack but here’s mine while actionom comes back to you. same issue as him.



I transferred MATIC tokens from Binance to Poloniex using the Matic Network by mistake. Need help to recover my crypto. Thanks

Transaction Hash:


Polygon do not have live support causing person like me cheated when request help in polygon chat group. Now i lost all my cryptos by someone hack trustwallet and gone. So many hackers inside your polygon telegram can easily cheat crypto customers. I think Poligon still in poor handling customers. Only can help if have live support and secure customer. I feel very bad to recover small portion lost all:(.


Do not follow this link - this is a scam and takes you to a duplicate fake site and will try to steal your tokens. MODS PLEASE BAN/TAKE DOWN

I accidentally transferred Matic from Binance to Coinbase using the Matic network, they transferred from Binance to the network but did not reach Coinbase.
How to recover lost tokens.
TXN HASH is 0x11a6375eb57cb7babd8d3fcae073148d7dbe9c0590c845782e6023afc5cdbf06

DO NOT FOLLOW THIS LINK - MATIC forum does not have a live chat function. These are scammers

Hello, I literally did the same thing. When will the node maintenance be completed?

Also, I accidentally used that live-chat option. Did not know that was a scam.

Hi, I just sent 0.01 eth from Matic to Binance and it didnt work. Why?

transaction hash: 0x995d6b678c77e83463c773fd378682204f1aa53ee7129da639fb2d931fe92014

Ffs - mods can we sort this out? There is NO live chat function - they are scammers who make you transfer tokens to their wallets.

Hello, I sent some Matic from Binance to Coinbase via Matic network and i lost them.

Can you do anything to recover them please?


Thank you,