Matic network to ETH

Hi everybody, my name is Witold
I have got ledger nano X and ETH account, i send there my Matic tokent from Binance… I have also Matic on other wesite and during withdraw i check matic network not eth :frowning:
So now this withdraw is wisable on polygon scan wesite and i dont see it in my ledgel live :frowning:
It is possible to move it to eth so i will have access to it by Ledger?

Hi thanks for respond… I have ledger so first i need to conect my ledger with metamask (export address) and than login to Polygon Web Wallet v2 using metamask?
What about transfer fees I need to top up with ETH?
On my address 0x6DADe1F7fA624503Ede82051b956BF69589f2df1 i have some matic on MATIC network and some MATIC on ETH network, all matic I need to have on ETH network so that I will have access on ledger live…

Not easy…
Now I have Metamask account, I connected ledger to metamask, I see now in metamask this account but only I see Matic on ETH network (no matic network) when I go on: and using “connect using browser wallet metamask” it popup “metamask notification” signature request and I press sign and nothing happen, stays only window Metamask waiting for confirmation from metamask…

I did other way… I was able to connect matic bridge but it says it take 7 days to transfer… I ad manualy MATIC network in metamask so I was able to send it back to bianance matic account :smiley: