Matic Mainnet - Monthly Update #3

Hey Everyone!

This is the 3rd Monthly update for the Matic Mainnet. We have had a fun

Highlights of this update:

  1. We are currently on 81 Validators on the Mainnet
  2. Delegation to extend to External and Community nodes on 15th December
  3. Grafana Dashboard launching next week
  4. Heimdall Upgrade for optimizing Checkpoints
  5. Bor upgrade with updated version of Geth
  6. AMAs with Validators

Phase 3

The Matic Mainnet has been running actively since May 31st, 2020. We had a staggered launch to the Mainnet, where Phase 1, 2 & 3 were the different phases that were going to be part of the Mainnet launch.

Phase 1: was where we launched the Mainnet with the Foundation nodes and a few Dapp Partners. We also enabled Delegation on the Foundation nodes

Phase 2: was where we onboarded 30+ professional validators. Validators that have been running nodes on multiple networks are also now running nodes on Matic Mainnet.

Phase 3: We are currently in Phase 3 of the Mainnet Launch. This is the last phase of the Mainnet launch. This is where we have opened the network to the community. So anyone and everyone that is interested in running a node can go ahead and do so.

We are looking forward to reaching our goal of 100 Validators for the Mainnet. We are currently on 81 and more validators are looking forward to Setup Nodes on the Matic Mainnet.

If you’re interested in running a node please read the validator guide here: Matic Mainnet Node - Sentry & Validator | Matic Network | Documentation


We recently announced that we will be opening up delegations to External and Community run nodes. This will take place on the 15th of December.

Delegators will have more than a month to switch their delegation from the Foundation nodes to External nodes of their choice before the Foundation nodes are turned off.

The foundation nodes would be turned off by the end of January.

For more details, you can read our blog post here: The Final Frontier on the Decentralization journey of Matic: Public Delegations to external nodes begins 15th December - Matic Network

Grafana Dashboard

We are currently in the final phases of testing the Grafana Dashboard. The Grafana Dashboard would be an exhaustive monitoring tool with deep details about your Sentry and Validator Nodes. The Grafana dashboard will also come with Alerts on Telegram using bots.

We will post more details about this by next week.


We are currently working on the following upgrades for the node.

Heimdall: The Heimdall upgrade would contain optimization for checkpoints. Currently, checkpoints intake a lot of Gas because of the higher count of validators which consumes a lot of ETH to send checkpoints which is not cost-effective. This upgrade when launched will optimize the gas consumed for each checkpoint even the validator counts increases post 100. More details on this later

AMAs with Validators

We have started a series of conducting AMAs with a few validators within the community. This is part of our engagement that Matic aims to have with the community. To be part of the AMA you can join the Official Matic Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @maticnetwork

Roundtable With Validators

We are planning to have a monthly Roundtable with Validators to discuss the upcoming upgrades on the network. Create an open forum of discussion for feedbacks and suggestions.

Open Grants

Grant for building Telemetry: Grant proposal for building Telemetry Metrics Dashboard for Matic Mainnet

Grant for building Wallets: Proposal for Wallets Support Matic Network